Deadly Air Raids Target Maarat Al-Numan Refugee Camp South of Idlib

White Helmet rescuers rushed to the Maarata Camp, an internally-displaced-peoples (IDP) camp near Maarat al-Numan, following a series of deadly airstrikes that targeted the Idlib provincial area on April 26.

Idlib-based activists said multiple civilians were killed while dozens of camp residents were reportedly wounded. White Helmet volunteers told local opposition media outlets that they believed that parachute rockets were used in the air raids, which reduced the Maarata Camp to rubble.

The Maarata Camp is home to at least 3,000 internally-displaced Syrians from the Aleppo, Idlib, and Hama provinces. Some of those residing in the camp were forcibly displaced from the city of Aleppo following the Assad regime’s capture of the city in December 2016. Local activists said that at least 130 families were left homeless in the wake of the air raids.

Opposition activists in northern Syria said additional airstrikes were carried out in the nearby towns of Khan Shaykhun, Jarjinaz, Kafr Sijna, Aabideen, Hish, and Maarshurin. Credit: Syria Civil Defense in Idlib via Storyful