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20. China

Beijing, and wider China, is infamous for its pollution — enough to put it 20th on the list of most toxic countries in the world.

The deadly effect of air pollution: The world's most toxic countries

The world’s most toxic countries have been revealed by this map — demonstrating the shocking and deadly extent of air pollution.

The Eco Experts created the diagram, using data that takes into account the number of deaths caused by toxic air and the overall carbon dioxide emissions across the globe.

The results take in 135 countries in the world, with oil-rich countries dominating the top 10.

The UK ranks at 81st for toxicity and has the 37th highest carbon dioxide emissions in the world.

2016 was officially named the hottest year on record and, last summer, a huge crack appeared in the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctic.

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Data for the research was obtained from the International Energy Agency and World Health Organization (WHO).

Each country’s performance was ranked on five factors: Energy consumption, per capita; carbon dioxide emissions from fuel combustion, per capita; air pollution; deaths attributable to air pollution, per 100,00 capita; renewable energy production.

John Whitling of The Eco Experts said that the map is a way of “naming and shaming the worst offenders around the world” and demonstrate the dangers.

The WHO has reported that, in 2012, around 7 million people died as a result of air pollution exposure — that is, one in eight of total global deaths.