Deadly Flooding Leaves Homes Destroyed in Germany

The death toll from flooding in western Germany reached seven on July 15, local reports said.

Police said several houses collapsed in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, and around 50 people were in need of rescuing from rooftops.

Some 30 people were missing, Deutsche Welle said.

Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer said the storm had hit the region hard and thanked the local fire brigades and emergency services for their response.

Among the dead were two firefighters in North Rhine-Westphalia, local media reported.

Video by Christin Pitzen shows parked cars half submerged by floodwater near the town of Uxheim on July 14. Further video shows the scene on the morning of July 15 as the floodwater had subsided.

“The heavy rain began at noon on July 14. The levels rose extremely rapidly. Despite warnings, no one in town expected such a magnitude,” Pitzen told Storyful. Credit: Christin Pitzen via Storyful

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