Deaf father shares ‘amazing’ moment toddler daughter tried ‘interpreting’ for him for first time

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A father who is deaf has shared the heartwarming moment his toddler daughter “interpreted” for him for the first time.

Zach, who goes by the username @oursignedworld on social media, recently shared the encounter with his hearing daughter Madison on TikTok, with the video showing the moment that the one-year-old used sign language to communicate to him that a baby was crying in a store.

“I’m deaf and my daughter is hearing. This is the first time she tried interpreting for me,” Zach captioned the video.

In the clip, Zach and Madison, who is holding dish sponges, are walking in a store when the toddler drops the packages to sign to her father that she can hear a baby crying, before pointing in the direction of the noise.

After Madison used sign language to convey the noise she was hearing to her father, Zach then repeated the gesture, with the video reading: “She dropped what was in her hands, signed baby crying and pointed! Wow!!”

The video, which Zach captioned: “This was a WOW moment,” has since been viewed more than 11.8m times, with thousands of viewers enamoured by the “amazing” moment.

“This is truly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen,” one person commented.

Another said: “Wow! It’s amazing how smart and perceptive kids can be.”

“Smart little girl. She’s learning two languages together, connecting the two languages as she interacts in her world,” someone else wrote.

Others were amused by the baby’s priorities, with another viewer commenting: “She’s GOSSIPING.”

“Not her serving the tea via ASL [American Sign Language],” someone else joked.

According to Zach and his wife Courtney, who is also hearing, they are teaching their daughter how to speak and use sign language simultaneously, with Madison’s mother showing in another TikTok how she signs and speaks aloud when communicating with the toddler.

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