How do I deal with my dad’s new wife, who’s only 4 years older than me?

Everyone experiences hardships from time to time — whether it be friendship drama, boyfriend scandals, or job-related challenges. In order to help you navigate these troubled waters, The Morning Breath has generously donated time every week to help their viewers overcome any predicament — big or small.

On the docket for this week’s “Dear Breathers,” a boyfriend’s cheating cover-up affects three people, and a new stepmom makes relations with dad difficult.

First up for this week’s “Dear Breathers,” a fan writes in inquiring about a boyfriend she met in a new city and some questions about his faithfulness. Living in a new city, Jane Doe has it brought to her attention by her boyfriend’s roommate that he has cheated on her with another girl and the roommate walked in on the two having sex. Vehemently denying the allegations, the boyfriend blames the confusion on “cultural differences” and insists that a kiss goodbye on the cheek is all that happened. Only problem is he’s from San Francisco. Meanwhile, the accused girl denies intercourse took place, but she does send screenshots to the girlfriend of her boyfriend inviting this girl over. Oye.

When faced with the screenshots, the boyfriend now says his roommate is the one who sent the text message, and Jane Doe is now flummoxed on who to believe among her new friends.

Claudia Oshry’s advice is to move on quickly. “Cut these idiots out, you don’t even know them, find new people in this new city. This is obviously a psychotic trio of people who definitely all have sex with each other.”

Sister Jackie advises a getaway ASAP. “You need to run away as fast as you can.”

In other words, the only person you can trust is yourself.

Next up, the next Chutney Windham writes into TMB wondering what to do about her new stepmother, who is only four years older than her. A grown adult with her own husband, the writer asks the Oshry sisters how to proceed in a relationship with her father and his new family after there’s been an obvious shift in relationships.

While attending her father’s wedding recently, the writer mentions that she was not asked to be included in any family photos while her stepmother’s daughter was asked to be in plenty. Standing on the sidelines can hurt.

Months have passed and she’s lost touch with her father but is uninterested in pursuing a relationship with his new wife and family. Is this the end?

Not at all, says Claudia. “You can’t cut your dad out.”

Jackie advises that she vent her frustration to her husband and definitely include her dad in her life, because cutting out a family member is a regret just waiting to happen.

“Take the high road, be the bigger person and just talk s**t about this woman to your husband and to us,” says Jackie.

Time heals all wounds. In hindsight, the wedding photo conundrum might not be such a big deal, because there are far more important things in life. “You should definitely try to mend fences with your dad, but I think trash talking her won’t get you anywhere. He’s obviously chosen this new life with her,” closes Jackie.

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