Deal or No Deal to screen episode on airborne Boeing 737

Oh dear, sounds like Noel Edmonds is up to his old tricks again.


Following his much discussed launch of a callback service for lonely cats and dogs, the inimitable gameshow host has now decided to inject a little excitement into Deal or No Deal before it finally disappears from our screens.

Yep, Channel 4 has announced it will screen an episode filmed on board an airborne Boeing 737 from Birmingham Airport.

And unsurprisingly, it’ll be the first time a UK gameshow has ever been filmed midair. Let’s hope Noel and the gang don’t experience any turbulence, eh?

Oh, and that’s not all – the show’s also been on tour, with episodes filmed in locations as glamorous as the Blackpool Tower, Wookie Hole and, best of all, Longleat Safari Park - presumably so Noel can cheer up the lions.


“These shows are some of the most ambitious ever attempted on television – the sky has quite literally been the limit for this incredibly special series,” Noel said.

“It has been an absolute joy and honour to meet Deal’s loyal fans whilst out on the road at this hugely exciting time and I can’t wait for our loyal audience to see them on screen.”

“I thought I’d have a little fun sending Noel all over the place,” added, er, The Banker, who is totally not a figment of Noel’s imagination. “[Noel] needs the exercise at his age.

“And as it’s Christmas I thought I’d do what I love most – watching people‘s dreams being crushed. Though I could be softened up with a little sherry and a mince pie.”


Channel 4 recently announced plans to axe the hit show after 11 years. The farewell tour is their parting gift to Noel and the show’s fans.

How very thoughtful.

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