Dean Gaffney had 'bit of a kerfuffle' with Janice Dickinson's husband

Dean Gaffney got into a fight, Gillian McKeith has claimed credit:Bang Showbiz
Dean Gaffney got into a fight, Gillian McKeith has claimed credit:Bang Showbiz

Dean Gaffney got into a fight with Janice Dickinson's husband at an 'I'm A Celebrity... South Africa' post-show dinner.

The former 'EastEnders' star angered Robert 'Rocky' Gerner when he tried to kiss the supermodel - who was recovering from facial injuries caused by a fall during filming - and the pair had to be separated by Joe Swash, fellow campmate Gillian McKeith has revealed.

The 63-year-old star - who was seen leaving the ITV1 show on Friday (28.04.23) night - told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “I was sitting there with my daughter Skylar and two-year-old grandson Landon and I became aware of a bit of a kerfuffle. I looked up and Dean and Robert were right there.

"I saw Janice’s husband Robert hold Dean’s arms — he held his forearms tight, pushed him back and there was a push and pull going on.

“Then Dean released his arms and said, ‘Get off me’, and tried to free his arms from his grip before he swore and shouted to get away from him.

“Dean was very upset and marched over to the other side of the room and that is when other people became aware of what was going on.

“It was very tense. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife.”

Gillian praised Joe for stepping in during the row, which took place before the celebrities sat down for dinner at the Phelwana Game Lodge restaurant.

She added: “Joe pacified the situation because Dean and Joe are very good friends.

“I was just astonished at what went on because I didn’t know he would react like that. I had never seen that.”

But the former 'You Are What You Eat' star insisted the row was just a "misunderstanding".

She explained: “Robert later told me that he didn’t want anyone touching Janice’s face because she had open wounds.

“He was concerned that if someone came to kiss her it could contaminate her wounds.

“It was a misunderstanding because Dean is a lovely guy and he was just being friendly and the husband was maybe overreacting.”

The 'I'm A Celebrity...' all-star special was filmed last September and Dean's entrance into camp will be seen later this week.