Dean Saunders: Moment former Liverpool striker is told ‘you can’t even stand up’ before arrest at roadside

Harriet Brewis
Saunders can be heard telling officers he only had 'one pint'

Police told Dean Saunders “you can’t even stand up” in a newly-released video of the former Liverpool striker’s arrest for refusing to take a breath test.

Bodycam footage shows the 55-year-old slurring as he responds to officers after they stopped him for “atrocious” driving in the early hours of May 10.

The ex-footballer was jailed for 10 weeks after refusing to complete a breathalyser test but was released on bail yesterday, one day into his sentence, pending an appeal against his jail term.

The Crown Prosecution Service has since shared footage of the roadside arrest, in which an officer can be heard telling Saunders: "Your driving is atrocious, have you had any alcohol?".

Dean Saunders arrives at Chester Magistrates' Court on Wednesday (PA)

The former striker replied from the seat of his Audi A8: "I've had one pint."

The policeman then says: “You can't even stand up".

Saunders replies: "Why are you saying I can't stand up?". He then tells police he doesn’t have his driving licence with him.

Later in the video, Saunders can be heard discussing his rights with Cheshire Police, as he refuses to provide a breath sample to test for alcohol in his system.

The 55-year-old argues with Cheshire Police over whether he should be allowed to wait for a solicitor before being breathalysed

Demanding he be allowed to wait for his solicitor to arrive, he asks: "Am I getting myself in more trouble by not doing it?"

The officers then points out that he has been repeatedly told, in writing and in person, that he cannot delay the procedure.

“You’ve got the opportunity right now in the room to provide (the breath sample) and if not then you will be prosecuted.”

Police had stopped the former Wales football star after they said they spotted his car veering across the road in the Boughton, Chester.

Saunders played for Aston Villa, Derby County, Liverpool and Wales during his career (Getty Images)

Saunders said he had spent the day at Chester Races and later told magistrates his asthma prevented him from blowing into the breathalyser.

He subsequently pleaded guilty at Chester Magistrates' Court for failing to comply with a roadside breath test and failing to provide a breath specimen.

On Thursday, his lawyers launched a bail application, held in private without access to press or public.

Dean Saunders jailed for 10 weeks after drink-driving arrest

Judge Steven Everett granted Saunders bail until his appeal against the jail sentence is heard on October 4, according to the court clerk.

The details were confirmed by Saunders's solicitor, Conor Johnstone, who added: "Clearly, he will be relieved."

No bail conditions were imposed, Mr Johnstone said.

The father of three had been branded "arrogant" by District Judge Nicholas Sanders, passing sentence on Wednesday, who told Saunders he had shown no remorse and thought he was "above the law".