Death Grips side-project The I.L.Y.'s release surreal new music video involving sesame seeds stuck to faces

Megan Williams

The I.L.Y.’s have just released a joint video for two new songs, ‘Gargoyle’ and ‘Bobo’, taken from their forthcoming third album, Bodyguard.

The experimental two-piece consists of Zach Hill and Andy Morin, who also belong to the fellow Sacramento-based group, Death Grips.

The video follows Hill – vocalist, drummer, guitarist and keyboardist for The I.L.Y.’s – in a string of unusual scenarios over the course of the two songs.

'Gargoyle' plays throughout the first half of the video, which features subtitles along with an unusual combination of elements: a figure clad in white foam, a glowing bottle, and a device that induces wild visual effects.

The music then transitions to 'Bobo', where Hill can be seen with seeds stuck to his face before a strange encounter with a large, fleshy organism.

Hill’s artistic efforts extend beyond music videos. Death Grips announced in 2013 that he was pulling out of a tour as he was working on a feature film that is “fictionally based and not related to the group,” according to Pitchfork.

Death Grips uploaded a video to YouTube the same year stating that actress Karen Black was meant to star in the leading role, however she died before its completion.