Death In Paradise offers major character update in season 12 finale

ralf little as neville and shantol jackson as naomi in a scene from death in paradise season 12
Death In Paradise airs major character updateDenis Guyenon/Red Planet Pictures - BBC

Death in Paradise series 12 finale spoilers follow.

Death in Paradise has offered an update on a pretty major character in the finale of season 12.

In the episode, we find out Camille Bordey, who appeared on the show from season 1 to season 4 and then briefly for two episodes in season 10, is pregnant with her first child.

She is expecting this kid with her boyfriend Leo, and this news is very unexpected as she had only just moved in with Leo a few months prior.

death in paradise sara martins as camille bordey

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The happy news was broken to the team by Camille’s mom Catherine, who shared her excitement at becoming a new grandmother.

There had been a lot of speculation around whether Death In Paradise would be returning after season 12, but fans can breathe a sigh of relief because BBC has announced that the show has been renewed for two more series.

And that’s not all. There will be two Christmas specials coming our way as well.

ralf little as neville and shantol jackson as naomi in a scene from death in paradise season 12
Denis Guyenon/Red Planet Pictures - BBC

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Lindsay Salt, the director of BBC drama said in a statement: “With its sparkling blend of mystery, humour and heart, Death In Paradise continues to delight the millions of us who make the return trip to Saint Marie with every sun-drenched episode. It is a programme that goes from strength to strength, and I could not be happier that it will return for another two series and specials on BBC One and iPlayer.”

And if you would like to fill up some of the void that the end of season 12 will inevitably leave on you, fret not, because Death In Paradise’s spinoff show Beyond Paradise premiered on Friday (February 24), and fans think it might be worth sticking with.

As for Death In Paradise, will we see Camille back for season 13? Only time will tell.

Death in Paradise series 12 airs on Friday nights on BBC One and streams on BBC iPlayer. A spin-off, Beyond Paradise, premieres on Friday, February 24.

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