Death penalty and high conviction rates: A deep dive into Japan's criminal justice system

At 87 years old, Iwao Hakamada is on the verge of finding true freedom, more than 50 years after being sentenced to death for murders he says he did not commit. Tokyo's high court ordered a retrial this month, acknowledging that key evidence that led to his conviction had likely been fabricated by investigators. Along with the US, Japan is one of the few developed countries that maintain capital punishment. For more, we speak to Chiara Sangiorgio, death penalty advisor at Amnesty International.

Meanwhile, India's parliament has expelled Rahul Gandhi, a top political opponent of PM Narendra Modi. The vote came a day after a court sentenced him to two years in jail for defamation over a remark he made back in 2019, in which he referred to thieves as having the surname Modi. Gandhi is appealing the sentence, while some of his allies say the court ruling was politically motivated.

Finally, with thousands of kilometres of coastlines and hundreds of islands, Thailand's shores are a big attraction for beach lovers. But the tourist destination is seeing its most popular spots slowly disappear due to erosion. Authorities are doing what they can to protect the country's natural beauty, as well as jobs that depend on the tourism industry.

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