Deborah James says she's working her way through cocktails until 'I'm gone'

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Deborah James says she's working her way through cocktails until 'I'm gone'

Deborah James has been enjoying the warm weather while savouring some “sundowners” in her garden.

The “bowel babe” posted from her parents’ home in Woking, where she has been receiving palliative care, with several updates.

Making the most of time with family and friends, the campaigner shared an item from her cocktail wish list, enjoyed at the end of the day.

On Tuesday night James posted to Instagram her “treat of choice”.

An array of Archers and Smirnoff bottles featured behind her mix of schnapps.

She captioned her image: “Yes that is Archers. And yes I did grow up as archers and lemonade being a stable college social drink.”

“Todays ‘sundowner’ treat of choice, ‘Sex on the Beach’. Maybe I should just call this working my way through old school cocktails day by day before I’m gone!”

 (Instagram / DeborahJames)
(Instagram / DeborahJames)

Earlier this week the 40-year-old enjoyed some cocktails with her brother Benjamin James, whose engagement she celebrated this month.

Sharing a video of the Bloody Marys, she said: “It’s the pickle juice that does it for me. Feels like a salad in a cocktail.”

Dame James has been taking good weather in stride, celebrating her brother’s engagement to his girlfriend of 11 years with an “impromptu party”.

She also managed to rope in her brother to a girls sleepover party, organised by her sister Sarah.

On her relationship with siblings, she added: "We’ve always been really close, but the last few weeks have been mind-blowing.

"It’s interesting, at the end of your life, who you want around you."

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