'Decent-Sized' Red Belly Found Lurking in Tiny Gap in Queensland Garage

A snake catcher in Queensland was called out to a retirement village in Kawana to help remove a snake found in a small gap in a resident’s garage.

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 posted a video to Facebook on June 13 that shows him coaxing the snake out before relocating it back to the wild.

“Its amazing how decent-sized snakes can fit into the smallest gaps, I guess that’s why they can be very hard to find sometimes,” McKenzie wrote alongside the footage. The red belly, he said, “had gone into the gap in the skirting board next to the garage door!”

“Thankfully I was able to put my camera in there and encourage the snake out. I recommend that you check this gap at your home today and if there is a hole there that gives snakes access to the wall cavity then I suggest you block it,” McKenzie wrote. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

- Just pulled over, I had a job come in now for Kawana. I'm going to race over there, decent-sized red belly apparently. And it might be the same red belly they were searching for a couple of weeks ago, and it just completely vanished.

Apparently, it's sort of half in and out of the little gap next to the roller door that goes actually into the wall cavity. So I'm wondering how big this snake is because that's only a small gap. But as we all know, snakes can squeeze into small gaps. So we're going to head over there now, and hopefully we can carriage it out and relocate it elsewhere. All right, we're going to open the garage.

- Yeah


There he is.

- Where at?

- Right on the floor there.

- Oh, yeah. Well, there you go. I was poking at nothing.

- Yeah.

- Hey, bud.

- You know, that's not a very big hole there. And it's a pretty big snake. So he's done well to get in.

- Boy, he's nice. I didn't think I was looking for that big a snake. But--

- No.

- --it just shows they can squeeze into some tiny holes. All right, bud, there you go into the hole of the bag.

- Yep, excellent.

- So that one-- did he happen to slip in the bottom there?

- That's how they're going to come in. All right, Mr. Red Belly, time to go.


There you are. Off you go.



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