Dedicated Teacher Uses Candy to Recreate Voting Experience for Kids

A Texas teacher has recreated the experience of voting in an election for her elementary school students, using their ballots to decide on a very pressing issue: Skittles or M&Ms?

Video from Keke Powell shows the outside of her classroom with a sign declaring “Election Day”. The video then shows a ballot box and other voting paraphrenalia.

Powell said that her intention was to teach her students the importance of voting. “We chose between Skittles and M&Ms and they had a blast! It was cool to see their excitement about voting!” Powell told Storyful.

A graph in the video shows it was a narrow race, with M&Ms just winning. Credit: Keke Powell via Storyful

Video transcript


KEKE POWELL: And waterfall. We have a vote from a ballot for Skittles.

And waterfall. We have a vote from a ballot for--