'Deer Friend': Orphaned Fawn Introduced to Wisconsin Toddler

A little boy in Iron River, Wisconsin, got to meet a special family friend recently. as his dad brought him out to greet a fawn who has become a frequent visitor to the family’s property, video shared on January 17 shows.

Footage self-recorded by Matthew Stewart shows his two-year-old son Derek meeting the young deer for the first time in a snowy woodland.

Speaking to Storyful, Stewart said, “This deer’s momma was hit by a vehicle by our house. I would see her coming around all by her lonesome. So I made sure she had food … she kept coming around and she got more friendly.”

He recounted how the introduction between his son and the fawn came about: “On this day I saw her outside so I had asked my son if he wanted to go see the deer and he said, ‘yeah daddy!’ So we went out there to see her and he got to meet his new deer friend.” Stewart added they named the deer Betty. Credit: Matthew B Stewart via Storyful