Photographer Rescues Dehydrated Calf Found Wandering Alone in Vicinity of McKinney Fire

A dehydrated calf was spotted wandering along a roadside near the McKinney Fire burning in Northern California’s Siskiyou County on Monday, August 1.

Footage from Jason Camp of AIO FILMZ shows himself and others rescuing the animal and transporting it to a temporary animal shelter set up in Yreka.

As of Wednesday, authorities said the McKinney Fire had burned through at least 57,515 acres. A Red Flag weather warning was in place.

At least four people have died in the wildfire, local police reported. Credit: AIO FILMZ via Storyful

Video transcript

JASON CAMP: You're beautiful. Yeah. You're so beautiful. Can I give you a kiss? Can I give you a kiss? Damn, you must be thirsty, huh. Yeah. There you go. More water. Lay down, OK? We got help on the way. OK?

Hey, you got any more water? There's a baby cow. It's dehydrated. Needs more water. I was thinking about just putting in my car and just taking him to the shelter, but we'll see. We'll wait for the sheriffs to come.

- Yeah, you got-- How long ago did you send someone down?

JASON CAMP: Like, maybe 20 minutes ago.


JASON CAMP: Agua? Yeah, you look pretty hungry, too. All right, baby. All right, it does have doo doo in the back, so.

- It's OK. It's OK. It's OK. It's OK. I know.


JASON CAMP: Oh, yeah. Just put in my car.

- It's OK. It's OK. It's OK. Lost my grip. [INAUDIBLE]. Come on. There you go. Go to the other side for me?


- Man, you're heavy. Come on, baby girl. There you go. Almost in.

JASON CAMP: Make sure she's covered in the blanket.

- OK. Cool. And that's it. Woah, it's OK.

JASON CAMP: All right. Let's go. Hey, buddy. Chilling out the window. Yeah, buddy. Get some fresh air, buddy. Yeah, buddy. I think we're here, baby. We're here, baby girl. We're journalists.

- Are you?


- You're the one who got the calf?


- Cool. Good job.


JASON CAMP: All right.


JASON CAMP: Yeah, that's fine.

- Try and get you water. [INAUDIBLE].

JASON CAMP: OK, got it.

- Where are you guys going to now?

JASON CAMP: We'll probably take them out--

- This way?


- I might be able to pull her out this way.

JASON CAMP: OK, that's fine. I'll scoot her. I'll scoot her that way.

- All right. Come here, love. It's OK. Come on. It's OK. There we go. Out you go. [INAUDIBLE].


JASON CAMP: I named her Betty, so. That way--

- OK. Got it?


- Come on, Betty.

- OK. Why not [INAUDIBLE]?



- It's OK. It's OK. OK. There you go.

JASON CAMP: Hey, baby.

- You going to make it?

- I pulled my back the other day.

- Oh, shit.


- I was trying to help you. I really was.

JASON CAMP: OK, baby. We got you help. OK? You're going to be in good hands, OK? I'm going to miss you.

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