Dele Alli: Tottenham Hotspur star reveals he is the joker of the team as he backs charity appeal

Lizzie Edmonds
Joker: The footballer likes to play tricks on his teammates: NIGEL HOWARD ©

Spurs player Dele Alli has revealed he thinks of himself as the joker of the team as he joins our Comic Relief fund-raising campaign.

The 20-year-old England midfielder said the team loved joking around and pranking each another, revealing that right-back Kyle Walker and forward Son Heung-Min were among the funniest players in the squad.

Alli said: “When you are around each other as much as we are, you try and make it fun and as enjoyable as possible.

"We are all doing a job that we love and we all get on well. So there is always a lot of banter flying around.

“I would like to think I am the joker, but there are a lot of funny people. I think Sonny [Heung-min] is funny without meaning to be.

Dele Alli: Crowned Young Player of the Year at London Football Awards (Action Images via Reuters)

"He is so happy and he is just laughing all the time.” However, Alli, who said Jack Whitehall was his favourite comedian, added: “Kyle Walker is probably the biggest prankster on the Spurs team.”

He also revealed he once played a joke on midfielder Patrick Bamford, now at Middlesbrough, when they played for Milton Keynes Dons.

After changing the clock on Bamford’s mobile, he convinced him that he had overslept. “Then I changed my number on his phone to the sports fitness guy and gave him loads of missed calls. He woke up and was rushing around saying how late we were. He got changed and ran downstairs, and then it was obviously three hours before we had to go. He wasn’t happy.”

Alli is the latest star to back our Evening Stand Up Comic Relief campaign, in which we are calling on Londoners to host jokeathons, tell their favourite jokes or do something silly in the workplace to raise money on Red Nose Day on March 24.

The midfielder backed our Comic Relief campaign (Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images)

Over the past five years, Comic Relief has provided £5 million for the Evening Standard’s Dispossessed Fund to support hundreds of grassroots projects tackling social exclusion and helping young people across London. It has pledged to make a substantial donation to the fund again this year.

Alli called on Londoners “not to be shy” and sign up to fundraise. “Every little helps,” he said. “We can make a big difference and help people out. I think we need to make a difference and do as much as we can. It is for a great cause and I am happy to be a part of it.

"It’s massive for me. In the position I am in - being a sports player and an athlete - I think I need to do what I can.

"There are people less fortunate than us and it is important that we understand that.”

Alli was speaking as he took part in a fundraising drive by gaming community Twitch.

He played Fifa against some of the country’s top gamers to raise money for Comic Relief. He said: “I am quite good. I’m competitive, so it is important that I win.”

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