Deliveroo driver rides PENNY FARTHING to distribute food across London

A flamboyant Deliveroo driver left customers in hysterics as he delivered fresh food across London whilst riding a classic Penny Farthing. George Heming, 22, certainly got attention from pedestrians for his unusual choice of transport as he carried about his job as a Deliveroo driver. Perched on top of a classic Penny Farthing, George tackled the cobbled streets of London to deliver fresh food without spilling a drop - despite being two metres from the ground. George, who lives in Whitstable, Kent, said: "Delivering food and riding through London on a Penny Farthing really does turn heads! "I learnt to ride the Penny Farthing inside a large indoor space which was tricky but a whole different story when you're out on the streets, navigating London's rush hour with no brakes. "The empty bag was quite a weight anyway, so when I reached the restaurant and collected the food, the weight increased further which made it harder to get on and off the Penny Farthing. "Luckily, the food made it to the destination in one piece and was still warm!" The Penny Farthing was the first machine to be called a bicycle when it entered the scene in the late 1800s and was named after British penny and farthing coins. They became obsolete with the development of modern bicycles that the majority of Deliveroo employees use for transport when making deliveries. Adventurous George embraced the challenge of learning how to ride a Penny Farthing with the help of Neil Laughton who founded the Penny Farthing Club. George said: "I thought I'd give Deliveroo driving a go, but I didn't want to do it on a standard bike, so I decided to set myself a challenge to learn to ride a Penny Farthing. "It was a real challenge as learning to ride a Penny Farthing can take weeks, even months! "I struggled to get to grips with the bicycle - which had no suspension, no gears and no BRAKES - but I passed the test and was able to hit the open road. George took a wobbly ride around Buckingham Palace before collecting his first Deliveroo order, astounding tourists who can be seen gawking up at him on his video footage. George added: "It was a tough ride to the restaurant and riding through London on a Penny Farthing really does turn heads!"

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