Delivery driver comes up with his own artistic tribute to Bruce Forsyth - in the dirt on his van

An artistic delivery driver has come up with his own unique tribute to late TV star Sir Bruce Forsyth – in the dirt on the back of his van.

When Ricky Minns, 42, heard about the celebrity’s death at the age of 89, he expressed his sentiments on his work van, producing an image of Brucie’s famous face with the tribute: “Nice to have seen you, to have seen you nice!!! RIP Brucie”.

Ricky, who works for a flower company, said: “I think it’s just really tragic news about Bruce. He’s that one TV presenter that everyone grew up with and is still there, he’s the last of the last of those.

“I feel like everyone was expecting it, but usually, when it happens, you’re never quite ready for it.

“I don’t always get the opportunity to pay a tribute and so I wanted to show my respects I the only way I can.”

<em>Artwork – Ricky Minns has been doing his muddy artwork for 10 years (Pictures: SWNS)</em>
Artwork – Ricky Minns has been doing his muddy artwork for 10 years (Pictures: SWNS)

The tribute, which took two hours to draw, isn’t the first piece of muddy artwork Ricky has produced – he started doing it a decade ago as a twist on the notorious ‘clean me’ scribble.

“It was because stuff on the back of vans was rude and my kiddies were just little, so I would cover it up with just mountains and simple things like that,” he said. “I did one for the Fast and Furious film and it took eight to ten hours but got a really great response.”

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Ricky’s work has travelled from his hometown in Norwich, where he works for Flower Vision, all across the country.

“The van belongs to the company I work for,” he added. “That’s their rule for any piece I do, that I put their name on it.”