Delivery driver taken to hospital after being 'punched in the face' over £4 job

Police have launched a probe after an alleged assault in Victoria Gardens, Colchester <i>(Image: Google/Newsquest)</i>
Police have launched a probe after an alleged assault in Victoria Gardens, Colchester (Image: Google/Newsquest)

A DELIVERY driver required hospital treatment after being punched in the face during a violent attack... over a job that earned him just £4.

The assault, which happened in Victoria Gardens on Monday, saw the delivery worker reportedly attacked by a customer who ordered shopping to their home.

The serious incident happened during the first delivery of their shift after collecting an order from supermarket Sainsbury's.

According to the driver, the customer lashed out after growing frustrated with how long it had taken them to drop-off his shopping.

In an anonymous post, the victim took to social media to "shed light on the challenges delivery drivers face".

They said: “I started at 5pm and got an order from Sainsbury’s in the city centre and faced heavy traffic.

“Finding parking was a struggle, and the journey to the CO49 area took 35 minutes.

“Upon arrival, locating the customer's address became another ordeal.

“After waiting for ten minutes, the customer finally answered, expressing anger and blaming me for the address mishap.

“Despite my efforts, the situation escalated when her husband confronted me in the parking area, using disrespectful language.

“When I tried to calm him down, things turned physical, resulting in an unexpected punch to my face.”

The driver said they reported the incident to the police and the Gazette has since confirmed the police has launched an investigation following the alleged attack.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “We were called to Victoria Gardens in Colchester shortly before 6pm on Monday, December 4, following reports of an assault. 

“The victim was punched in the face and went to hospital after sustaining minor injuries. 

“Enquiries remain ongoing, and no arrests have been made at this stage.”

The victim also pleaded with residents to “be patient and understanding” with delivery drivers.

They added: “I share this experience to shed light on the challenges we face as delivery drivers – from traffic to locating addresses.

“Please be patient and understanding. The order mentioned above took me an hour and a half for just £4.

“Your co-operation and understanding means a lot.

“Working with food delivery companies has its challenges – from navigating traffic to dealing with tough situations.

“Yesterday was particularly tough for me.”