Delivery Robot Moves Through Area Sectioned-Off by Police During Hollywood School Shooting Hoax

A delivery robot was filmed moving through an area outside Los Angeles’s Hollywood High School, which had been cordoned-off by police, following hoax reports of gun shots, on Tuesday, September 13.

Video recorded by @FilmThePoliceLA shows the delivery robot approach a taped barrier, which is lifted by a camera operator.

The robot moves across the street and passes a crowd of uniformed police officers.

Multiple people in the video are heard raising the concern that the robot could pose a threat to the school. “What if there’s a bomb?” one person is heard asking in the video.

Storyful has contacted Los Angeles police for more information on the incident. Credit: @FilmThePoliceLA via Storyful

Video transcript

- You know I want to see this so bad.

- What if there's a bomb?

- You know we're all thinking, that's going to be like the easiest way to mug people, with a robot.

- Yeah.

- Now here's a delivery of [INAUDIBLE] fever--

- Who?

- [INAUDIBLE]. Can you do that?

- I think your best footage.