Delta Air Lines: London-bound plane forced to make emergency landing after smoke erupts from engine

Sean Morrison
Delta Air Lines: The plane was forced to land after smoke began billowing from one of its engines: REUTERS

A London-bound passenger jet was forced to make an emergency landing after smoke erupted from its engine in mid-air.

Smoke was seen billowing from the Delta Air Lines plane’s engine before it was forced to land in Atlanta just 30 minutes after taking off on Wednesday.

The aircraft immediately returned to Atlanta Airport where smoke could be seen continuing to billow from the jet after it landed at about 6pm.

Witnesses shared photos of the dramatic scenes as thick white smoke rose from the aircraft as fire crews attempted to put out the blaze.

Atlanta Airport confirmed the emergency landing, saying that firefighters hosed down the jet’s huge engines to bring the flames under control.

It added that there were no reported injuries.

Smoke billows from an engine of the Delta Air Lines plane (REUTERS)

It was not immediately clear what London airport the plane was expected to travel to.

It comes after a mother-of-two was killed when she was almost sucked out of the plane window a Southwest Airlines flight earlier this week.