Delta flight passengers forced to evacuate after smoke fills plane cabin in Madrid

Passengers of a Delta Air Lines flight from Madrid to John F. Kennedy International Airport have been forced to evacuate after smoke filled the plane's cabin just before takeoff. Filmed on Tuesday (November 19), the footage shows passengers leaving their seats as a member of staff can be heard instructing everyone to evacuate the aircraft. Rocco Govas, who filmed this video, told Newsflare: "There was smoke in the back, and it started spreading everywhere. "The Delta crew told us to wait, then told us to get our stuff and 5 minutes later the captain said to leave everything behind and to leave the plane right away. "I’m still in Madrid. They don’t know what has happened to the plane or that’s what they are saying. "Some people are getting rebooked. Somehow I tried to get on another flight but they can’t do mine yet. They have not said anything else after that and provided us with water and chips."