Demi Jones determined to 'own' thyroid cancer surgery scar

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Demi Jones has said she's determined to "own" the scar she has as a result of undergoing surgery to remove a tumour on her thyroid gland.

The former Love Island contestant shared last month that she had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and will be going on to have her entire thyroid removed.

While the 22-year-old felt "self-conscious" about the scar, she's changed her mind after supporters with similar experiences reached out.

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“I was incredibly anxious as I’d never had any kind of surgery before, and while it sounds silly, I was worried about the scar on my neck," she told The Sun.

“Now I’ve decided to really own it because I’ve had a few young girls message me who have had thyroid cancer saying it’s been nice to see someone with a scar.”

Jones added that her grandmother had also told her to "stop worrying about it" and that a scar is a "small price to pay for still being here".

She will also be undergoing iodine treatment to destroy any remaining cancer cells and beyond that should not need any further treatment, the publication states.

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Jones spoke on her frustration after her referral appointment was pushed back six times over seven months due to the UK lockdown.

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While initial tests didn't raise concerns, the reality star pushed for more due to her stepfather Adrian being diagnosed with incurable cancer in 2019.

Jones explained she felt "quite numb" when receiving the news she had cancer but that her health troubles had made her "appreciate everything so much more".

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