Demi Lovato: I fight every day to remind myself I am more than my body

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Demi Lovato has said they fight every day to remind themselves they are more than “the shell for my soul that is my body” and warned against complimenting people over weight loss.

The pop star, who last week came out as non-binary, has spoken openly about their battle with disordered eating.

In a lengthy post on Instagram stories, Lovato wrote: “Idk who needs to hear this but complimenting someone on their weight loss can be as harmful as complimenting someone on their weight gain in regards to talking to someone in recovery from an eating disorder.

(Demi Lovato/Instagram/PA)
(Demi Lovato/Instagram/PA)

“If you don’t know someone’s history with food, please don’t comment on their body. Because even if your intention is pure, it might leave that person awake at 2am overthinking that statement…

“Does it feel great? Yeah, sometimes.

“But only to the loud ass eating disorder voice inside my head that says ‘See, people like a thinner you’ or ‘If you eat less you’ll lose even more weight.’

“But it can also sometimes suck because then I start thinking ‘Well, damn. What’d they think of my body before?’

(Demi Lovato/Instagram/PA)
(Demi Lovato/Instagram/PA)

“Moral of the story: I am more than the shell for my soul that is my body and everyday I fight to remind myself of that, so I’m asking you to please not remind me that that is all people see of me sometimes.”

The musician, who has been open about their substance abuse issues, was admitted to hospital in 2018 and almost died after taking heroin.

They suffered a heart attack, three strokes and brain damage which means they can no longer drive.

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