Demi Moore, 59, feels 'more alive' as she ages

Demi Moore says that it's been "liberating" to embrace her age as her 60th birthday nears.

The actress has garnered a long list of accomplishments throughout her 40-year career thus far. But in a recent interview with People, she shared that she's nowhere near finished. In fact, she's continuing her work with the swimwear brand Andie to make a statement about outdated ideas surrounding women as they age.

"It's changing this idea that women become less desirable as we get older," she said. "We don't want to look matronly or not feel sexy."

Moore first appeared in a campaign for the brand in July 2021 alongside her three daughters, where she was praised for looking more like one of the girls' sisters than a parent. At 59 years old, she feels good about radiating that youthful energy.

Looking ahead to turning 60 in November, Moore plans to not harp so much on her age, but instead seek out the opportunities that are still ahead of her.

"Not being defined by a number and instead being defined by my experience," she shared as what she is most looking forward to. "You hit 59 and you're already thinking, 'Well, I'm going to be 60.' It feels very liberating."

She also acknowledged how the perception of age has changed over time, specifically when it comes to women. "When I think of my grandmother at 60, she in a way seemed to be already resigned to being old," she said. "But I feel, in so many ways, more alive and present than ever."

And despite all that she's done, it's still difficult for her to grasp the concept that some consider her as an idol at 59 years old.

"To hear that in relation to yourself seems a bit out-of-body," she said. "I feel flattered and a bit like, that doesn't feel like me, but I like it. To me, what an icon has always signified is somebody who's paved a way and marked something that has moved people or had impact that has been positive. And in that regard, I feel really proud to be put in a category that would be related to that."

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