Demi Moore and Other Celebrities Hospitalized for 'Exhaustion'

Demi Moore surprised -- and frightened -- fans when news emerged that the actress was rushed to the hospital Monday night. Sources told TMZ that the actress' hospitalization had something to do with substance abuse, but her rep quickly explained her hospital stay as "exhaustion."

"Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health," Moore's rep said in a statement.

"She looks forward to getting well and is grateful for the support of her family and friends."

The "stresses" her publicist referred to likely stemmed from her split with husband Ashton Kutcher in November. The actress appeared increasingly thin over the past several weeks, leaving friends wondering about her emotional and physical well-being.

Will Moore take some time off, or possible go to rehab? That's still up in the air, but we do know that exhaustion is a common ailment among Hollywood's elite stars.

Tracy Morgan

"30 Rock" loudmouth Tracy Morgan was rushed to a Park City, Utah, hospital on Sunday night after collapsing during the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards at the Sundance Film Festival. Spies told TMZ that the actor was "extremely intoxicated," but his rep quickly denied those rumors, blaming it on "a combination of exhaustion and altitude...any reports of Tracy consuming alcohol are 100 percent false."

He's out of the hospital now and back to work with a clean bill of health. That thin air gets you every time, Tracy!

Lindsay Lohan

There was a period of time when "exhaustion" was almost synonymous with actress Lindsay Lohan. She's been hospitalized numerous times for the ailment throughout the past several years.

Many times, her exhaustion was blamed on her incessant partying and eating disorder. However, the actress insisted her exhaustion was the cause, leading her to tattoo the word "breathe" on her wrist.

"I forget to breathe sometimes. This is my favorite one [tattoo]. It's white ink," she told Ellen DeGeneres in 2007.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known for her brutal schedule of promotional appearances and touring, so it's no surprise she was hospitalized in January 2010 for the ailment.

"I am so devastated. I have performed with the flu, a cold, strep throat: I would never cancel a show just based on discomfort… Paramedics came to take care of me, and told me my heart-rate was irregular - a result of exhaustion and dehydration. I've been crying for hours, I feel like I let my fans down 2nite. An hour before the show, I was feeling dizzy and having trouble breathing," she tweeted at the time.

The "Born This Way" singer didn't learn her lesson, though -- she was back to her punishing schedule in no time.

What do you think: Is exhaustion a legitimate problem, or an excuse for bad behavior?

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