Demi Moore reveals she had a failed audition for 1980s classic film Top Gun

Demi Moore has revealed she had a failed audition for Top Gun.

The actress was in the running to star opposite Tom Cruise in the classic 1980s film, but the part of Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood eventually went to Kelly McGillis.

Moore, who later went on to be one of Hollywood’s biggest stars thanks to roles in blockbusters such as Ghost and Indecent Proposal, said she got “nervous” while testing for Top Gun.

Speaking on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show, she said: “I think it was just the timing of things. I think the first audition was great and the screen test, I shanked, I got in my head.

“I think I just got nervous and I didn’t own it.”

Moore, 56, said after seeing the film in 1986 she thought: “I could have really done that one.

“But in my beating myself up, it then just reinforced the idea that I didn’t think I was good enough.”

In the same interview, Moore discussed the alleged rape she suffered as a teenager. In her newly released memoir, Inside Out, the actress said she was 15 when she was attacked by a friend of her mother’s.

On Wednesday, she told Stern the alleged attack left her “very embarrassed”.

She said: “I felt trapped, I didn’t want (it) and I was clear that I didn’t. I felt like it was my fault. I felt like I had behaved in a way that was mature like I really knew a lot. I never really looked at myself as being a kid. I never looked at it as rape.”

She added: “I saw it as unfortunate, I was very embarrassed by it.”