The Democratic Plan to Destroy Mitt Romney

COMMENTARY | The conventional wisdom among some conservative pundits is that Mitt Romney is more electable than Newt Gingrich because the Democrats would have a harder time demonizing them. The Washington Post begs to disagree.

The Democrats have already developed their plan to destroy Romney should he become the Republican nominee. The smooth, dapper businessman who created jobs and turned around failing companies will be transformed into a heartless capitalist who destroyed lives and dreams in order to enrich himself. Romney will be turned into Gordon Gekko, the villain of the Oliver Stone indictment of capitalism "Wall Street."

It might not work. The Democratic strategy is based on the supposition that large number of Americans share the disdain for capitalism that the Occupy Wall Street protestors have. But the fact the occupier movement started as a public nuisance and is ending as a parody of itself suggests the Democrats are in error.

Of course that is not the point. Just as Gingrich can be attacked for some of his baggage, Romney will be attacked for some of his. If the capitalist pig gambit does not work, the Democrats will play the Mormon card, just as they did when Romney had the temerity to run against Ted Kennedy for the Senate in 1994 despite claims to the contrary. According to Atlantic Wire, Sen. Kennedy's nephew Joe Kennedy assailed the Mormon religion as "racist." The Democrats may use code words like "weird," but it will be understood what is meant by that.

The truth of the matter is that while Democrats are not very good at governing, they are excellent practitioners of political combat. It will not matter who the Republicans nominate. The Democrats will endeavor to paint him or her as a combination of Darth Vader and Chance Gardiner, the Peter Sellers mentally challenged character who seemed profound to those around him, but was not.

Therefore Republican voters should set aside notions of who is the most electable and who is most difficult to demonize. They should instead focus when considering who to nominate on who would make the better president and who can take the fight to President Barack Obama.