Democrats approached Julia Louis-Dreyfus about running for office, which means they obviously haven’t watched Veep

Gregory Wakeman
[Image by HBO]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ performances on ‘Veep’ have not only garnered her unrelenting critical acclaim, as well as a sway of acting accolades, but they have apparently also caught the attention of the Democratic National Committee, too, who recently looked to gauge her interest about a career in politics.

The former ‘Seinfeld’ star made this admission during a recent interview with The Washington Post, revealing that she had “been approached by top Democrats and asked to run for office.” Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ response was curt and to the point, as she told them, “Not in a million years.”

The DNC’s request suggests that they’ve not really watched ‘Veep’. That’s because, over the course of its five season run, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Selina Meyer bundles her way through The White House like a lost puppy. Sure, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is not like the character at all and obviously gives one of the finest acting performances in small-screen history, but, at the very least, opposition parties would have a field day using ‘Veep’ footage against her.

Plus, after satirising Washington in every possible way imaginable on the show, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has almost certainly had her fill when it comes to the world of politics. While it’s also insanely depressing that, following the populist rise of Donald Trump to power, the Democrats are already turning to actors and actresses rather than seasoned politicians to try and appeal to voters, which suggests that’s the direction that politics is currently heading in.

It’s not just Julia Louis-Dreyfus that has been approached, though. Because The Washington Post piece also revealed thatTimothy Simons, who plays ‘Veep’s’ despicable Jonah Ryan, respectively, was asked to participate as a guest on a cable news show, which “he declined, in vulgar and vehement terms.”

Finger crossed that the new season of ‘Veep’ will be able to provide us with a rest-bite from the current climate. We’ll be able to see if it can do just that when ‘Veep’ premieres in the UK on April 18 at 10:10pm on Sky Atlantic.