Denbighshire's new bin collection rollout will start next week

Denbighshire Council waste bins and recycling bins in Rhyl. Photo by Ian Cooper

Residents in Denbighshire will have their new bins ready for the launch of the new recycling system next week, promises the cabinet member responsible for recycling. Currently, Denbighshire residents are still in the old system of fortnightly refuse collections and two weekly recycling collections.

But the new system starts from Monday 3 June, which will see one weekly recycling and four weekly refuse collections replacing the old system. Before then, residents will be given a new three-tiered “Trolibocs on wheels” to replace their blue bin. Currently most residents in Denbighshire put their unrecyclable waste into a black bin and all their mixed recyclable waste into a blue bin.

But from next week, the Trolibocs system will be used to collect paper, plastic, metal, food cartons, and glass, which residents must separate themselves to help cut costs. A weighted hessian bag will be used for cardboard. Rubbish collections will then be collected every four weeks as opposed to two weeks as it is currently.

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Cabinet member Cllr Barry Mellor is optimistic about the new system working well and said residents waiting for the delivery of the new bins would have them before the rollout next week. “We are still in the old system now, but two letters have gone out to every household in Denbighshire to explain the system and also explain that people can keep their black bin or they can give their black bin up and keep the blue bin and use that as the normal refuse bin, which will be collected every four weeks,” he said.

“All the new bins are almost delivered now. There has been the odd house missed, which we are working on this week. But I’ve had mine a couple of weeks. Everything is in line now. The depot is already to go with the recycling machines. We’ll have every (new) bin out by the end of this week.”

Cllr Mellor, though, said he admitted he expected some “teething problems”. He added, “To be honest, there will probably be a few teething problems, which we will have to deal with, but we’ll deal with them as they come. We’ve had some really pleasing messages. We’ve also had some negative ones. Some people don’t think they should be doing the recycling."

"They think it should be up to the county (council) to do that. But when the blue bins came in, I think there was a little bit of reluctance then, but people got used to it, which you do. Nobody likes change, but once they get used to it, I’m sure it’ll settle down.”

For more information on the new recycling rollout, visit here.