Denise Van Outen: 'I really felt my age' competing in Dancing On Ice

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Denise Van Outen. Dancing On Ice 2021 (ITV)
Denise Van Outen. Dancing On Ice 2021 (ITV)

Denise Van Outen was the first celebrity contestant to pull out of this year’s somewhat cursed series of Dancing On Ice when she dislocated her shoulder during training, and now she's admitted that the training was physically tough.

Speaking on White Wine Question Time, the 46-year-old West End star said that being on the show was much harder than she thought it would be.

“This is the first time properly I've taken on a challenge and really felt my age,” she told podcast host Kate Thornton.

“Every time I stepped off the ice, my back was hurting, my knees would hurt. I was exhausted. I just wanted to go to bed, and I just complained about the cold all the time.”

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Van Outen was paired with Dancing on Ice veteran Matt Evers and while they were able to perform in the first show, she then had to pull out due to the injury being more serious than was first thought.

Having attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School from a young age, Van Outen is no stranger to dancing and performing, which she had hoped would hold her in good stead for the show.

“I honestly thought that ice skating would be easier than it actually is,” she exclaimed.

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"I thought I'd be better at it… Because I've obviously danced when I was younger. I've watched it and I thought I can do that.”

Partner Eddie Boxshall, who has just launched the podcast Before We Say I Do with Van Outen, was quick to point out that he actually knew his TV star other half would in fact be rubbish on the ice!

Referring to one of their early dates when they went ice skating together, he said it didn’t turn out to be quite the romantic experience he was hoping for.

“We got on the ice, and she spent about 15 minutes I reckon, trying to get the grips with the penguin,” he told Thornton.

“I thought this isn't very romantic — and I honestly thought she was going to be able to skate.”

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Speaking about when Van Outen was offered the show he said: “I didn't think she could do it. When she decided to take up this task, I was thinking, ‘God help me and God help her!’”

Denise Van Outen. Dancing On Ice (ITV)
Denise Van Outen. Dancing On Ice (ITV)

The former Big Breakfast presenter, who has another scan due on her shoulder soon, said she may need to have keyhole surgery in the future. There’s one very valuable lesson that she has learnt from the experience though.

“Ice skating is definitely not for me!” she laughed.

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