Denise Van Outen on how laughter therapy diffused a Valentine's bust up with Eddie Boxshall

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Denise Van Outen and Eddie Boxshall pose for photographers at the UK Premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey, at a central London cinema, Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015. (Photo by Jonathan Short/Invision/AP)
Denise Van Outen and Eddie Boxshall pose for photographers at the UK Premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey, 2015 (Jonathan Short/Invision/AP)

Denise Van Outen has revealed that while she and partner Eddie Boxshall rarely have any major arguments, they did get into a rather hated discussion this Valentine’s Day.

Speaking on White Wine Question Time, the Dancing On Ice star said that Boxshall’s choice of crockery for their romantic Valentine’s Day meal was the cause of their row.

Despite leaving Boxshall strict instructions to use the 'really nice plates' Van Outen returned from filming Sunday Brunch to a meal served on a variety of plates – including an old dog bowl.

“When I sat at the table, I’ve never seen such a mishmash of a mix of bowls and plates,” she exclaimed.

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“I don't even know which cupboard he got them from! One of the bowls had a chip in it. Another one of the bowls is what he used to put the dog food in for Tilly, our dog, when she was a puppy.”

Van Outen was even more annoyed because she wanted to take some photos to remember the occasion but said it looked too disgusting to photograph.

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Thankfully though the therapy they’ve been going through for their new podcast, Before We Say I Do, meant that the argument was diffused fairly quickly.

“We actually applied what our laughter therapy taught us on Valentine's night because like I said we had all of that heated argument, and then we just started laughing,” Van Outen told podcast host, Kate Thornton.

Laughter therapy, which the couple explore in an upcoming episode of their podcast, aims to get people laughing by faking laughter until it becomes real. It can help reduce stress, make people happier and even boost the immune system.

“The idea behind it is that whenever things get heated, or you have a problem within your relationship, you should always remember to laugh so it would just take the pressure off,” explained Van Outen.

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She continued; “It’s interesting because he [the therapist] gets you to almost do a bit of a fake laugh, but suddenly the fake laugh becomes a genuine real laugh, like a belly laugh and then you just can't stop.”

The pair credit their ability to laugh together for keeping their seven-year relationship fresh, especially during lockdown when they’ve spent more time together than before.

“I think the house that we've created here is a fun house,” said Van Outen about the family home the couple brought two years ago.

“I think more so because of what we've all gone through over the last, you know, year. We've had a lot of fun and laughs, even though there's been some really low moments. Laughter for me is like my glue.”

The pair hope to get married one day soon but said it won’t be until lockdown restrictions are over because they want all their friends and family together. Asked by friend Thornton to tie the knot soon, Van Outen replied: “We will do as soon as we can all get together again.”

Hear Denise Van Outen and Eddie Boxshall talk about why therapy has brought them even closer on the latest episode of White Wine Question Time. Listen now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and acast.

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