New Dennistoun mural delights residents as 'brilliant' artwork praised

A new mural has appeared in Dennistoun
-Credit: (Image: supplied)

A new mural has popped up on the wall of a building in a Dennistoun street leaving residents delighted.

The artwork, located on Garthland Drive, is believed to depict the artist's family's history and is painted in a beautiful monochrome style.

The centrepiece features an individual on a bike with the wheels on fire and the front light shining onto the face of another person.

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The Gaelic word Mo Leannan, which means my darling, is inscribed at the top of the mural. At the bottom of the piece a trio of men are shown posing as if they are competing in a bodybuilding contest

The excellent piece, which is on the wall of the Daily Coffee Shop, has been painted by contemporary Glasgow artist KFRBS, who also painted a large-scale mural at the Hearts Alive animal hospital in Las Vegas.

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The original poster of the picture wrote: "There is a new mural on the wall at the bottom of Garthland Drive, the man in the coffee shop got it put up to brighten the place up.

"Different parts of the mural tell different parts of the artist's family history, the man in the coffee shop said he is happy to explain the story to anyone."

Gobsmacked residents were quick to show their appreciation for the new piece.

One wrote: "Love it! Watched the lady artist start on it. Gosh really didn’t take her long."

Dennistoun Mural Project added: "Looks brilliant! We'd love to see more murals around Dennistoun."

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