Department for Transport breaks silence on 'mandatory' speed limiters coming into UK

The DfT has issued a response to 'mandatory' speed limiters affecting UK drivers
-Credit: (Image: PAUL GILLIS / Reach PLC)

The Department of Transport has broken its silence over the prospect of UK cars needing to be fitted with 'mandatory' speed limiters from next month. From July 7, all cars sold in UK dealerships are set to be retrofitted with 'mandatory' speed limiters following a shake-up of rules by the EU.

New regulations on Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) have been brought in by the EU under its General Safety Rule (GSR). This rule is a regulation that sets out the minimum safety standards required on vehicles and trailers.

Despite the UK not adopting the EU's GSR, manufacturers based in Europe aren't removing ISA technology from UK-bound cars, meaning British drivers are set to be affected by the changes. There are three types of ISA which increase in the level of power and control they have on vehicles and drivers. Read more on ISA here.

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In response to reports about 'mandatory' speed limiters affecting UK drivers, a a spokesperson for the Department for Transport told BirminghamLive: "We are constantly carrying out research into how transport users across all modes can benefit from the latest technology, ensuring journeys are safe, reliable, and cut emissions. The Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) laws coming into effect in July apply to the EU and Northern Ireland only, not Great Britain."