This is how depressed Nationals fans are right now

It’s been a really terrible few days for the Washington Nationals. The team has suffered two dramatic, heartbreaking walk-off losses right in a row, in games that they could have (if not should have) won. On Sunday night, reliever Ryan Madson gave up a walk-off grand slam to the Chicago Cubs, who had been down 3-0 in the ninth inning. Things didn’t improve on Monday night when the Nats faced the St. Louis Cardinals. Tied 6-6 in the ninth inning, Nats reliever Koda Glover gave up a home run, giving the Cardinals a walk-off win and the Nationals their second straight walk-off loss. Woof.

Losses like that don’t just affect the team. They affect the fans, the people who choose to spend their spare time watching games and keeping up with their favorite players. So how are fans handling the almost unimaginable cruelty of baseball? Fans on the Nationals subreddit r/Nationals are too depressed to talk about baseball anymore, which is probably a good thing considering how traumatic those losses were. So they’ve found something new to talk about.

The entire Nationals subreddit has devoted itself to discussing national parks. And it’s not just a handful of posts, either. Since the game ended on Monday night, r/Nationals posters have flooded the subreddit with pictures of national parks around America. There are also videos, reviews and requests for recommendations. Everyone is channeling their sadness and gut-wrenching disappointment about the Nationals into a national parks love fest.

Bryce Harper tosses his helmet after grounding into a double play against the St. Louis Cardinals eighth inning at Busch Stadium on August 13, 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri. (Getty Images)

Baseball can be cruel. Really, really cruel. And sometimes the only way to deal with that cruelty is to think about something else and forget about baseball for awhile. The Nationals subreddit is trying to forget about their stumbling team, and everyone there is succeeding brilliantly. If you need any national park recommendations, they’re ready to help!

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