Derry Girls star reflects on her role as Sister Michael

Derry Girls star Siobhan McSweeney has looked back on playing the deliciously sharp-tongued Sister Michael following her BAFTA win.

The actress was awarded the Female Performance in a Comedy prize for her work in the Channel 4 series, created by Lisa McGee, delivering a passionate acceptance speech that was controversially edited for transmission by the BBC.

In the winners' room, McSweeney told Digital Spy and other press that Sister Michael wouldn't be as impressed had she won the coveted award.

siobhan mcsweeney smiles as she holds her bafta trophy
Jeff Spicer/BAFTA - Getty Images

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"I know she wouldn't give a damn about this whatsoever," the actress said of her Derry Girls nun.

"She'd be so dismissive, she'd be eye-rolling," she added.

The actress also explained that playing an unapologetic woman (who had filmmaker Martin Scorsese in stitches, by the way) for three seasons felt "liberating".

"There's something, as a woman and as an actor, when you're feeling that you always have to be smiling and at your best... there's something so liberating to play a woman who does not give a damn," McSweeney said.

"That is a wonderful thing and I highly recommend anybody to play Sister Michael for at least one day."

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Channel 4

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The Extraordinary star then touched upon reprising her now iconic role in a revival of Derry Girls, but it seems we won't get to see more of the hilarious protagonists "for the time being," sadly.

"So I think we've left the characters in a good place, a good place of hope, a place of peace. So why not leave them there for the time being?" McSweeney said at the press conference.

"I see Sister Michael every time I open my eyes anyway. She's always with me."

Derry Girls streams in full on Channel 4, while the first two series are streaming on Netflix.

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