Late designer Katie Gallagher honoured with archive in her memory

Katie Gallagher died last summer credit:Bang Showbiz
Katie Gallagher died last summer credit:Bang Showbiz

Katie Gallagher has been honoured with an archive in her memory.

The late fashion designer - who worked with the likes of Lady Gaga - was found dead in her home aged 35 last summer, with police recently ruling her death a homicide, and her family paid tribute to her at a display in New York City.

Around 150 relatives, friends and colleagues came together to celebrate her work.

Her sister Lara told "She would just want more, more, more — now. She was always pushing and planning. She was so full of promise.

"That was somewhat, due to her age, as well as [despite] what she had accomplished, she hadn’t reached where she wanted to go.

"For that to be taken away is heartbreaking to wonder what would have been possible, when someone is young, single and had so much life left to live.

“Katie just had an amazing amount of energy. She did not want to quit, did not want to quit."

Examples of her designs and personal belongings were displayed at Saint Mary Grand, after Lara spent 10 months picturing and cataloguing over 550 items which had been stored at a unit in Los Angeles.

She added: "For her to have kept all that despite moves and instability, she just knew her worth and that it was important from the very beginning.”

Her family has set up the Katie Gallagher Artist Archive, which has been sponsored by Fractured Atlas.

The collection has been brought together with the goal of celebrating her achievements and giving insight into her process as an artist.

The partnership is also seeking to secure grant funding, corporate sponsorships and additional individual support.

Katie's family also want to find museums and curators to house some of her designs.

Lara said: "She always talked about how fashion wasn’t the end goal. It was about stories, and her shows were about the music, the tone, the lighting and the world that she was creating rather than any one garment."