Despite troubled geography, Americans stress the importance of sustainability

From believing the Grand Canyon is in Colorado to thinking Niagara Falls is located in Iceland, some Americans are a little confused about the location of landmarks and forests. When the 2,000 survey respondents were asked where different natural areas are located — results found many are more confident in their geographical skills than they should be. While 64% feel knowledgeable about the locations of these natural places, just over half of respondents (51%) know the Redwood Forest is located in California, while 35% correctly said the Shawnee National Forest is in Illinois (18% incorrectly selected Ireland). The survey, conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Charmin, delved beyond geography and asked respondents about their feelings on sustainability and taking care of the great outdoors. While Americans might not be geography experts, results found 71% do believe in the importance of protecting the great outdoors — and respondents think everyone should work together to protect Mother Nature. Sixty-seven percent believe individuals have a responsibility toward the outdoors, and the same number think it's necessary for companies to use responsibly sourced materials.

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