Destructive Tornado Causes Extensive Damage in Seminole, Oklahoma

A damaging “multiple vortex” tornado caused extensive damage to buildings in Seminole, Oklahoma, on May 4.

These videos posted to Instagram by Jon Akers show damage to multiple structures in the city.

“Nearly a mile wide multiple vortex tornado occurred, ranging from near Maude to west of Okemah,” the National Weather Service said.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt said there did not appear to be any serious injuries from the tornadoes in Seminole.

Damaging tornadoes were also reported across the border in Lockett, Texas, as severe storms swept the area on Wednesday night. Credit: Jon Akers via Storyful

Video transcript

- I know, I know. Watch out beca-- I know. Watch out because of wire.

- I just do as you can do here.

- Oh, yeah.

- Thank you. I'm so sorry for you. Thank God for [INAUDIBLE].

- Yes, Lord.


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