Devastated dog owner says 'we just want her home' after 'little shadow' goes missing

Nova has been missing from the farm in Bedworth since Thursday morning (July 4)
-Credit: (Image: Nicky Foster)

A devastated dog owner has said 'we just want her home' after her 'little shadow' pet has gone missing. Nicky Foster has not seen her beloved Nova for 48 hours.

The three year old had her first litter of puppies on Thursday morning (July 4) and several hours later, her owner Nicky let her out to go to the toilet at their private farm home in Weston Lawns Bedworth.

"It was literally just for a few minutes," she said. "Between 2am and 6am she had her first puppies, she had them great, she was attentive, bright, she was not out of sorts at all.

"At 8am, she wasn't showing signs of having any more so I let her out for a quick wee. People have said 'oh you should have been watching her' but, honestly, she is constantly by my side.

"She has has grown up on a farm, she does not leave my side, I take her everywhere. She is literally my shadow, people laugh at how she is with me."

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She added: "She (Nova) is a Spaniel, she is the best behaved dog. So, I can trust her outside for 15 minutes, if I go for a shower, she will be there at the door.

"I let her out for literally a few seconfds, and I opened the door and I called her and she wasn't there."

She said that she made sure that the puppies were ok before getting in her car to look for Nova - but she was nowhere to be seen. That was 48 hours ago.

"I have not slept," the 23-year-old said. "I have been out looking for her, I have had sniffer dogs out.

"I just don't know where she is."

Nova has been missing from the farm in Bedworth since Thursday morning (July 4)
Nova has been missing from the farm in Bedworth since Thursday morning (July 4) -Credit:Nicky Foster

She said that she does not want to fear the worse - that Nova has been taken. "It could be that she was having another puppy and hid somewhere," she said.

"There is a big hedge on the site that she may have gone to but I have looked through there, or as much of it as I can, calling for her, but nothing."

The devastated dog owner is continuing her search today and made a special plea to anyone who may have seen Nova. "If anyone has seen her or sees her, she is a friendly dog, but she is bound to be scared.

"Don't call her name or shout, as it could frighten her. Please call me if you see her."

Nicky added: "I am really worried for her. It is so out of character for her not to come home, it is hard not to think that something has happened to her.

"It rained so much last night and she hates the rain. I just want her home."

Nova, who is micro-chipped, is a black and white springer spaniel. Anyone with any details about her whereabouts is being urged to call her on 07308475800.

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