Devastated man outed in vile revenge porn plot after girlfriend learns he’s bisexual

Maggie Baska
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A woman has admitted to court posting revenge porn of her partner on Facebook to “out and embarrass” him after discovering he’s bisexual.

Rachel Dujon, 35 from Fareham, Hampshire, confessed she shared explicit images of her ex-boyfriend and screenshots of his online chats with men on her public Facebook account as part of a campaign to humiliate him.

Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court heard the pair had met in December 2019, lived together and planned to marry. But Dujon posted her partner’s naked selfies online on 9 September, 2020 after a “male mutual friend” told her that her partner was bisexual and speculated he was living with HIV.

The court heard that the public outing – which attracted 117 comments online – had a “profound effect” on her partner, who is not being named.

Dujon, who had previously admitted to one count of disclosing private sexual photographs and films with the intent to cause distress – known as revenge porn, appeared in court on Tuesday (26 January) and was ordered to pay £330 costs, £150 of which will be in compensation to her victim.

The court also imposed a 12-month community order, with 25 days work with probation to address the issues raised by the case.

Revenge porn plot saw woman search boyfriend’s phone for evidence.

Prosecutor Graham Heath said Dujon’s actions were “intended to embarrass and out the victim in terms of his bisexuality”. He described how the postings were conversations that her victim had with other men on WhatsApp and a website. Heath said, as part of that, there were explicit images which were shared with other men.

“There are a number of screenshots from private conversations; it’s clear the outing of the victim was a result of her discovery,” Heath said. “It had a profound effect on the victim. It was only a small number of photos, but, whether one or 100, it was bound to have the same effect.”

The court heard Dujon accessed her partner’s phone to search for evidence. When she discovered that he used gay dating websites, she decided to post his private images on her public Facebook page.

But Angie Parkins, Dujon’s lawyer, told the court the post was a result of a “lack of consequential and emotional control”.

She argued Dujon was in an “extremely emotional state” as she was three months pregnant at the time and was “told something that blows her world apart and then finds evidence for herself that he was on gay dating websites”.

Parkins said: “As you can imagine, she was ‘absolutely devastated’ as she posted on Facebook. She described the unfaithfulness as ‘killing her soul, her whole world falling apart’.”

Dujon also told the court, as a result of her discovery, she made the “extremely difficult” decision to terminate her pregnancy. Parkins said she is now receiving bereavement counselling after her abortion and “wishes she could turn back time” as she is remorseful for the revenge porn.

Revenge porn has been a sexual offence in the UK since 2015 and carries a sentence of up to two years’ imprisonment. The law defines it as distributing private explicit images without the consent of the person depicted, which is commonly done maliciously to shame ex-partners.

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