Devices Destroyed Outside NATO Building as Taliban Enter Kabul

Destroyed computers were left in overflowing bins behind a building being used by NATO on Sunday, August 15, as Taliban insurgents took hold of Kabul.

Footage posted by a US contractor based in Kabul shows the destroyed devices behind the building that housed NATO’s former International Security Assistance Force, which is now called the Resolute Support Mission.

The NATO-led mission began withdrawing troops in May 2021 but some have remained in place to handle evacuations from Kabul, according to reports.

Chaos broke out at Kabul’s international airport on Monday as thousands of people flocked there in a bid to escape after the Taliban took control the previous day.

Several people were reported to have died at the airport, with videos showing people clinging to a US Air Force plane as it taxied for takeoff. Credit: s.logan.p via Storyful

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