Devil's Bend to reopen later than expected despite collapsed wall works being on track

The ancient wall along part of Town Street, Bramcote, which is known locally as Devil’s Bend, is currently being repaired
-Credit: (Image: Nottinghamshire County Council)

Nottinghamshire's infamous Devil's Bend will remain closed for longer than expected despite repairs to its collapsed wall being on schedule. A section of ancient wall along the part of Town Street, Bramcote, known locally as 'Devil’s Bend', fell into the road on Sunday, April 9, prompting a lengthy investigation before repairs began on May 6.

Nottinghamshire County Council had predicted the road would be reopened on June 18, but the closure will be extended despite the wall fix progressing well. Town Street's will now remained closed until Monday, June 24, to allow National Grid carry out works that had initially been planned before the wall's collapse.

“Works on the Devil’s Bend repairs have progressed well in the past week with the continuation of brickwork construction, final pour of concrete, placement of filter drain material, backfill of the remaining excavated areas with structural fill behind the wall, as well as starting to back fill the topsoil layer," a highways manager from Nottinghamshire County Council said.

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The repairs will be made to match the remaining brickwork and the concrete used to strengthen them will not be visible. The road is on the oldest maps of the area that have been found, and was likely cut into sandstone.

The wall’s exact age is unknown, although it is believed the upper and lower sections were built at separate times. The county council said the further closure was needed as National Grid could not fix a cable fault whilst the wall repairs were being finished, with an official adding: "It makes sense to extend the current closure rather than opening the road and then closing the road again a short time later.”

A detour has been in place through Beeston for those unable to travel down the Town Street since April. A National Grid spokesperson added: "We are planning to carry out essential work to repair a cable fault in Town Street, Bramcote, between June 18 and 21, so that we can continue providing a safe and reliable electricity supply.

"We are sorry for any disruption." The stretch is well-known by those in the immediate and surrounding areas and has a local reputation for being a tricky turn to make, with some even choosing to avoid the route altogether.