Councillors highlight 'one of Britain's biggest potholes' - by fishing in it

Campaigners dressed up with fishing rods and swimming goggles around an enormous pothole to highlight the state of Devon's roads (SWNS)

A group of councillors have highlighted what could be Britain’s biggest pothole – by fishing in it.

Members of Buckfastleigh Town Council in Devon also showed dogs swimming in the so-called ‘Buckfast Chasm’ to raise awareness of the state of the road.

Councillors huddled around the huge hole on the outskirts of the town for a series of photographs which show one dangling a fishing rod into it and another wearing a pair of swimming goggles.

As well as the dog, there is even a young child standing in the pothole to show how deep it is.

Earlier this month the RAC said the ‘problem’ of potholes had ‘not gone away’ despite milder weather and data suggesting the UK’s roads had improved.

The town councillors and friends posed with fishing rods around the 'Buckfast Chasm' to show how huge it is (SWNS)

Members of Buckfastleigh Town Council said they were angered at repeatedly asking for problems with local roads to be fixed, only to be met with little response.

After further complaints were raised at a meeting, they decided to start a photo campaign on social media to raise awareness of the problem.


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Chair of the town council Andy Stokes, who took the photos, said: “This is a humorous way to draw attention to a problem which has a very serious side.

“We are finding that Devon County Council are taking longer and longer to respond to complaints about the roads and things are getting worse and worse.”

The town councillors and friends in and around the giant pothole in Buckfastleigh, Devon (SWNS)

He added: “It's not just potholes - in Buckfastleigh we we are always at risk of flooding and we have increasing problems with blocked drains.

"When we get heavy rain like we have recently, they just overflow into the roads and cause flooding into people's houses.

“All this means there is damage to cars and homes and the risk of injury whilst trying to walk or cycle along flooded and damaged roads.”

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