Devon's the best place in the UK - and here's why

Woolacombe in North Devon has been ranked as one of the best beaches in the UK
-Credit: (Image: Peter Cade/ Getty Images)

Surprisingly, there are individuals who don't believe Devon is the best place in the UK. They argue for locations such as the Lake District, West Wales and the Scottish Isles. Some even prefer the hustle and bustle of big cities like London.

However, they're mistaken, and to mark Devon Day today, June 4, we're going to explain why. Despite its flaws, issues, and areas of poverty, Devon remains the top spot in the UK. It's the only county with distinct north and south coasts, offering a bit of everything.

The coastal views are stunning, varying greatly from one coast to another. The county boasts not one, but two moors, each unique in their own right.


Exmoor offers rolling landscapes that open up to sea views, while Dartmoor features granite tors that punctuate the scenery.

For those seeking city life, Devon delivers with Exeter and Plymouth teeming with activity. North Devon is self-sufficient and manages itself quite well, while post-lockdown, the English Riviera become a favoured holiday destination for those wanting to avoid the hassle of travelling abroad.

Torquay has its critics, but the resort is making a comeback after a few challenging years. Then there are the hidden treasures, those spots that only reveal themselves to those who dare to venture off the well-trodden path. Teignmouth, Torrington, Totnes, Tavistock and Tiverton should all be on any traveller's must-see list.

Everything is within a stone's throw, and there are even a few shortcuts if you're not opposed to navigating down a narrow lane with hedgerows brushing against your car and a strip of long grass running down the centre.

We don't sweat the small stuff like that.

But what truly sets Devon apart is its people. There's a palpable sense of community here, and locals will stand by each other come rain or shine.

Of course we welcome holidaymakers - our hospitality might seem a bit quirky at times, but anyone seeking a getaway, to savour the bounty we have right on our doorstep, is more than welcome. We don't even mind trailing behind you while you decide which turn to take at the crossroads.

Planning to bring a caravan or a motorhome? Absolutely, go ahead! We'll even flash a smile and wave you through an intersection every now and then.

Devon is a unique place - a diverse place - a supportive place - a fun place to live, work and play. Its inhabitants are justifiably proud of their home - just look around you to see why.

You might think there are other places in the country that could give the county where the cream tops the jam a run for its money, but you'd be mistaken.