Did Bigfoot cause a car crash in Idaho?

Harriet Sinclair
bigfoot could be discovered

A woman who crashed her car into a deer in Idaho claims she hit the animal because she was distracted by the sight of Bigfoot in her rear-view mirror.

Following the accident on Highway 95, the 50-year-old woman, from Tensed, Idaho, told police that she hadn't spotted the animal because her attention was focused on Sasquatch chasing other deer close to the road.

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Latah County Sheriff's Office said the woman had claimed she looked in her rear-view mirror to get a better look at the creature – which she described as being between seven or eight-feet tall – and did not see the deer in the road, Pullman radio reported.

The country sheriff's deputy responded to the accident and arrived at the scene to find evidence of a crash that had involved a vehicle and a deer, however, the radio station reported that "the report didn't indicate if he found any evidence of the elusive Bigfoot."

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Sightings of the creature from America folklore, have been reported around the US, including in national parks such as Yellowstone and at the American Fork Canyon in Utah.

A video made at American Fork Canyon in 2015 claimed to have captured the mythical creature on film.

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The hiker who posted the video online said: "The video captured more than I can remember. I only remember it being the most massive animal I have seen and I can't think about it without shaking.

"I don't want to say that it is for sure a bigfoot or sasquatch, but I don't know what else it could be. I spend a lot of time outdoors hiking etc, and I have never seen a bigfoot or even believed that they could be possible."

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