Did Harry Tell Meghan 'I'm Sh*tting It' At The Altar? UPDATE: Erm, No

Jasmin Gray

It was a flawless ceremony but one eagle-eyed viewer thought they had captured the moment when nerves got the better of Prince Harry. With an apparent pre-wedding confession to Meghan Markle we thought we’d got a glimpse of the Harry we know and love.

Greeting his bride at the altar with the eyes of the world upon him, the 33-year-old appeared to turn to his bride and tell her: “I’m shitting it.” 

One enthusiastic viewer on Twitter, “24.5 million people watching the royal wedding, and we’ve all just witnessed Prince Harry say ’I’m shitting it.”

“Big fan of Prince Harry saying ‘I’m shitting it’,” another added. 

Later in the day, alas, a longer version of the clip emerged, revealing a much more romantic reality. 

It appears that the prince actually told his wife-to-be “You look amazing” before biting his lip and adding “I’m so lucky”. (Which is cute, we guess.) 

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Editor’s note: This article has been updated to reflect additional footage from the royal wedding. Obviously.