Did Theresa May just admit she messed up PMQs? Lipreader interprets remark PM muttered under breath

Tom Embury-Dennis

Theresa May appeared to admit she messed up a furious response to a question from Jeremy Corbyn during Prime Minister’s Questions.

Asked about the “unfair” cutting of taxes for the wealthy, the Prime Minister stumbled over her words as she retorted that it was “the Labour party that is failing to address the needs the people of this country”.

“We’re delivering, he’s just sitting there and going on protest marches,” she said to cheers from the Tory benches.

But after sitting down, Ms May appeared to mutter something to herself.

Her comment was not picked up by parliamentary microphones, but a lipreader from 121 Captions told The Independent it was likely she said: “That wasn’t the best”.

She may also have said “that wasn’t the best speech” in an apparent reference to her tripping over her lines.

Ms May escaped closer scrutiny on the Government’s U-turn on National Insurance when Mr Corbyn failed to press her on the issue.

It prompted some Labour MPs to accuse their leader of “incompetence.