'I didn't feel happy in my own skin - now my life has completely changed'

Sam before weight loss transformation
-Credit: (Image: Slimming World)

A Leeds mum who was suffering with recurring blood clots due to poor circulation and back pain has completely changed her life after losing almost four stone.

Sam Rogers, 43, from Farsley, joined Slimming World because she was out of breath when exercising. She didn’t feel happy in her own skin and was fed up with having low moods.

She desperately wanted to change her lifestyle to become healthier, have an active lifestyle and to feel good about herself.

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She joined Slimming World to make this happen and to set a good example to her family but most of all to become the person she always dreamed of. A person who is more active, healthier and feel’s good about herself.

Sam after losing 3 stones 11lbs
Sam after losing 3 stones 11lbs -Credit:Slimming World

Sam said: "I absolutely love cooking, food optimising gives me the opportunity to cook delicious meals using healthy ingredients to protect my weight-loss. My favourites are Chicken, halloumi, and roasted vegetables (not cooked in any butter, oil, or fat) couscous adding onions, mushrooms, and peppers so I feel full for longer.

"I also love lamb kebabs with rice and tzatziki. I don’t cook separate meals for the family, which is a bonus, we love things like chilli, spaghetti Bolognese, lamb stew and chips - the list is endless. There’s nothing you can’t eat with Food Optimising."

Slimming World also supports the mindset and change in behaviours too helping her keep on track.

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Sam continued: "I always do a meal plan for the week as I look forwards to experimenting and eating different affordable meals. My biggest challenge since joining Slimming World has been overcoming my back injuries and surgery to both my legs."

But even through her operations and recovery, Sam has continued to make changes. She always attends group and stays to get the support from her Consultant Christine and all her fellow members.

Sam loves to learn about new recipes and share’s her strategies to success, that also helps other members, on their journeys to their dream weight loss targets.

Farsley mum suffering reoccuring blood clots and back pain elivates health problems after losing 3 stones 11lbs
Farsley mum suffering reoccuring blood clots and back pain elivates health problems after losing 3 stones 11lbs -Credit:Slimming World

Being overweight had also affected Sam’s mental health. Since losing the weight, her confidence and self-esteem have increased, in fact it has changed her life for the better in so many ways.

Since losing 3 stones 11lbs, Sam can now run, she’s joined a Pilates group, takes part in the local bootcamp three times a week and plays netball. Additionally Sam now volunteers for MoveMates, a walking group, bringing people together to combat loneliness and improve mental health.

If you would like to find out more about Slimming World or find your nearest group visit the website, here.